Top 10 Signs of Fever in Newborns You Shouldn’t Ignore; Causes and Treatments

Top 10 Signs of Fever in Newborns You Shouldn’t Ignore; Causes and Treatments


Fever in newborns can definitely be a source of concern for mums and dads, as you are flummoxed, trying to decipher the cause(s) and what to do at that point in time. Newborns are tender and delicate, and should be treated tenderly. In the first three months, they are often diagnosed with fever, and display severe symptoms. So, it is important for parents to be observant, and visit the hospital when they notice signs of fever in their newborn.

Newborns, unlike toddlers, older children and adults, have not fully developed the mechanism to control and regulate body temperatures, that’s why it is imperative to visit the doctor whenever you notice symptoms of fever in your newborn.

I totally understand how worried parents can be when something is not right with their newborn; it puts you in a bad mood to see your happy baby feeling all gloomy and pale. Well, that is why it is important to discover these symptoms early and begin treatment to get your baby happy and well again. Well, not to worry as this article will take you through top symptoms of fever in babies you should not ignore, and when to take your newborn to the hospital for treatment.

Here are 10 top signs of fever in newborns;

Abnormal High Temperature

When your newborn has an abnormal high body temperature, then it is a strong indication that it is fever. When this occurs, it is advisable to contact your doctor.

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Unusual Change in Behaviour

When there is an unusual change in your newborn’s behavior, then it could just be fever. For example, if your baby is playful and jovial and suddenly becomes moody and wants to keep to him/herself. Please, check for fever. You could use a thermometer to check the body temperature and then see your doctor.

Change in Feeding

When a change in feeding occurs, for example, your newborn refuses to be bottle or breast fed, then it is a sign of fever. Please, contact your medical doctor for a diagnosis.


When your newborn is frequently vomiting, then it could just be a fever. So, it is advisable you see your doctor immediately.

Change in Sleeping Pattern

A change in your baby’s sleeping pattern – probably sleeping more or less could mean a fever. So, check your baby’s temperature and contact your doctor.


If your baby feels fussy and easily irritated, then it could just be fever.

Pale Appearance

A pale appearance is a strong indication of fever in a newborn. So, check out for this sign and visit the hospital when you notice such.

Loss of Appetite

When your baby suddenly loses appetite for food, then it may be fever; particularly when prior to then, they eat well.


Whimpering in babies could mean a number of things, however, when your baby constantly whimpers, please check the temperature, it is also a sign of fever.

Dry Mouth

When your newborn’s mouth is dry, it could be fever. So, visit the hospital for a diagnosis and if so, there should be an immediate commencement of treatment.

There are several notable causes of fever in newborns. Take a cursory look at these causes;

  • Excessive Heat: Well, it is important to swaddle your newborn with clothes, particularly in cold as a way of shielding them from it. However, too much covering up can lead to excessive heat which can cause a fever.
  • Viral infection
  • Cold
  • Vaccine fever
  • Bacterial infection
  • Ear infection
  • Flu
  • Roseola
  • Pneumonia.

Treatment of fever in babies include;

  • Keeping your baby well-hydrated;
  • Wear your baby light, comfortable clothing;
  • Bathe your baby in lukewarm water;
  • Consult your doctor.

A knowledge of the symptoms can help in early treatment of fever in newborns. Healthy baby, Happy Family!

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