Trying to Conceive? Add These Things to your To-Do List

If you’re actively trying to conceive (TTC) or planning on trying in the near future, here are some things you can do now (and ongoing) to prepare you, your body, and your partner for this season of life. Of course, don’t stress trying to do every last thing for a “perfect” experience — it’s not reasonable or possible! Pick a few of the most important things, do more if/when you can, then move on! 

Prepregnancy Checklists

Most Important 

 YOU: Start taking a folic acid supplement 

 YOU & YOUR PARTNER: Stop smoking and cut back on or stop drinking alcohol (if you can’t stop cold turkey, see your doctor to make a plan to quit)

 YOU & YOUR PARTNER: Schedule a preconception health visit with your primary care doctor or ob/gyn or midwife


 YOU & YOUR PARTNER: Find ways to add more nutrition into your diet

 YOU & YOUR PARTNER: Start or continue regular exercise — short but regular periods of movement are great! 

 YOU & YOUR PARTNER: Lower your stress — find a therapist who can help!

 YOU & YOUR PARTNER: Learn about your health insurance coverage for prenatal care and birth (what’s covered vs. out-of-pocket costs); if you’re self-employed, look into a private disability policy

 YOU & YOUR PARTNER: Talk to family members to learn about any relevant genetic history, including birth defects, miscarriages, and genetic disorders

 YOU: Track your cycle and learn your most fertile times

 YOU: Schedule a dentist appointment to keep your oral health in top shape going into pregnancy

 YOU & YOUR PARTNER: Create a budget for prenatal care and baby’s first 6 months 

 YOU & YOUR PARTNER: Take a prepregnancy class — online, in-person, or live online/virtual!

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