Ukrainian Meditations for Moms & Moms-to-be: Expectful is Here for You

The war in Ukraine is absolutely devastating, killing thousands and displacing millions. Worlds have been rocked. Families torn apart. Livelihoods cut off. Hearts broken. Futures completely redirected.

But mothers in the path of this destruction have not stopped being mothers. While entire communities, homes, and professions are ripped from them, children still look to their mamas for safety, shelter, and food. As a company that is on a mission to help women through an already taxing experience of motherhood, we feel we must do what we can to help. And while we know so much is beyond our control, what we can offer is what Expectful does best: validate Mom amidst the chaos, let Mom know she is worthy, and make sure Mom knows she is doing an amazing job.

That’s why we created three custom Ukrainian meditations for mothers in the middle of war-struck turmoil.

To our mothers in Ukraine, we stand with you and we support you. We know that we cannot make the pain and heartache disappear, but we hope we can give you the tools to power through with the strength and bravery only a mother knows.

The Ukrainian Meditations Collection, by Expectful:

Calming Restlessness Meditation

Calm Now Meditation

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Meditation 


What is Expectful?

To put it simply, Expectful is the science-backed holistic care women need on the journey toward “Mom” which, unfortunately, has been anything but simple to find. Until now.

With practices to help reduce anxiety, ward off depression, and support physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing from fertility into motherhood, Expectful has become the go-to wellness app for hopeful, pregnant, and new moms. Expectful’s mindfulness platform has already transformed the lives of thousands of expectant and new families, plus includes access to educational videos and courses, daily meditations and sleep support, community events and storytelling, 1:1 expert appointments and office hours, live and on-demand fitness classes, and so much more. 

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