When Should My Baby Start Talking? 3 Questions Parents Should Ask Themselves!

When Should My Baby Start Talking? 3 Questions Parents Should Ask Themselves!


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If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve already received your little bundle of joy and are looking forward to hearing your baby’s first words. 

So, you are wondering, when can babies start talking? 

Well, it’s a common concern among first-time parents and also among those who spend limited time around newborns.

However, you shouldn’t be alarmed as a parent because there are a lot of milestones about baby-talking that you have to look forward to, and they will come at specific stages of your child’s development.

Your baby will learn to talk during his/her first years after birth. The baby will learn the rules of language and how adults use them to pass messages long before he speaks his first word.

You will be surprised to know that your baby starts communicating from the time he was born. Before he/she learns to talk their real language – Hindi, Spanish, English or any other language, they coo, babble and cry as a way of communicating with you.

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After that, your baby will start picking up more words from you and other people around them. And as time goes by, he will start forming two-to-three sentences. 

Read on to get answers to some of the most common queries related to when do babies start talking.

How Many Words is a Year Old baby Supposed to Say?

Many parents aren’t clear about when do babies start talking, they eagerly keep looking forward to the first words that their baby will speak.

Most babies around four months do not have the ability to create words. They try as much as possible to imitate sounds from their parents and also those around them. This is known as baby babble.

Every parent looks forward to the first word her baby will speak. Whether it will be ‘mamma’’ or ‘dada’, it is something that no parent would want to miss. These words will mimic sounds and words that your baby hears.

By the time your child reaches 9 months, their ability to put together various sounds will improve and most babies will speak the first word when they reach one year.

Is your baby a Late Talker?

A baby is considered a late talker if, in between 18 and 30 months of age, they possess a good understanding of language, have developed thinking skills, play skills, motor skills, and social skills but have little knowledge of the spoken vocabulary. 

It may also concern you if in between 6 months your baby does not make any attempts to make sounds, or any vowel sounds or even make contact with you.

Also, if between 13 and 18 months, your baby doesn’t point things to you, doesn’t say at least 6 words when he is 18 months, or even loses language ability he already had, you should be concerned.

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Seek medical attention if your child is past four years and is still stuttering.

How Can I Help My Baby Learn to Talk?

You can help your child improve her language skills by providing an environment that nurtures communication. You can do this by speaking slowly to your baby when you’re close to her, describe your activities, ask questions, point things out and sing songs. Make it a habit to monitor how your baby’s language skills are progressing.

Also, you can expose your baby to new vocabulary by reading to her. This will help your child learn how stories flow and the way to put sentences together.

Listening to your child while she is speaking is another way of helping her talk. Be attentive to her when speaking and be responsive.

How Many Words Should My Baby Say at 12 Months?

Every parent is happy to see her child reach 12 months and usually, in most cases a celebration is held to celebrate the baby’s birthday.

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However, the most pleasing thing is that at this age, your baby has started producing babbles that have varied rhythm and intonation. Sometimes it may sound like the baby is making a command or asking something.

The babbling and vocalization from your baby will begin to make sense now because he is trying out patterns and tones similar to the one he hears you making.

You can greatly improve his babbling by reading and talking to him regularly.

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