Who and When to Tell People You’re Pregnant


The best time to announce your pregnancy is when you feel ready. Ultimately, it is that simple. You don’t owe anyone any announcement of any kind, on any timeline. If you’re feeling unsure of when to tell people in your smaller and wider circles and want to make an informed decision, use the following questions as guideposts when deciding who and when to tell about your pregnancy. 

1. What kind of support do I need and want right now? Who are the people most likely to provide that kind of support during this time?

2. Who would I want by my side in the event of upsetting news about this pregnancy? 

3. Can I trust the people I tell to keep my pregnancy news a secret with others until I’m ready?

4. How would I feel about lots of people knowing — and possibly asking questions — about my pregnancy right now? Am I prepared to set boundaries with those who overstep? 

5. In the event of health issues early in the pregnancy, is there an HR contact or trusted manager/supervisor at my job who can help me get the support I need but respect my right to privacy? 

There’s no way to “perfect” how and when you make your pregnancy known to the world, but it can help to think through who you want in your closest circle in the early days and weeks. When you surround yourself with positive and encouraging support throughout pregnancy and parenthood, you improve your mental and emotional well being. 

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