Baby Heat Rash: What to Know about a Baby’s Heat Rash and 4 Ways to Treat it

Baby Heat Rash: What to Know about a Baby’s Heat Rash and 4 Ways to Treat it


It is not unusual for parents to worry when they first encounter heat rash on their baby’s body because it can look quite red and appear suddenly. You find these bumps in areas where the baby sweats the most, like the forehead, the bum, neck etc. Because babies have delicate skin, they are more likely to get heat rash than adults are. In most cases, having a rash comes with red and itchy skin because the sweat glands and the skin around the pores are irritated.

A heat rash, which some people call Prickly heat, is a benign condition that should never make your baby unwell, except for rare cases where it may develop into a more serious bacterial infection. Heat rash can be treated at home and within days, it should be all gone.

How to Deal with Heat Rashes

1.    Wear Light Clothes

It is important to dress your baby in light, loose-fitting clothing that is breathable. Tight clothes, swaddles, and blankets cause heat rashes, but clothes made from natural fiber such as hemp and cotton are a better option.

2.     Do Not Apply Lotion

Before applying creams or lotions to affected areas on your baby’s body, its best you check with your doctor. You might be tempted to apply a soothing lotion to your baby’s skin, well do not do so without a proper directive.

3.     Avoid the Heat

As we all know, the primary cause of heat rash is heat and humidity. So put your baby in a well-aerated room, one with a fan or an air conditioner to cool off.

4.     Draw a Bath

A lukewarm bath is ideal for your baby; it should be as comfortable as possible. You can skip using soap to avoid blocking the pores any further. Do not use a towel, it is better to air dry; this is to avoid friction between the towel and your baby’s skin.

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