Baby formula provides your newborn with the nourishment that he/she needs and helps them develop proper habits that may very well dictate their future health. It is your baby’s first taste of milk that isn’t from the breast and it’s important to make that first experience a good one. When selecting baby formula, you will want to make sure that it is healthy and made by a trusted manufacturer. A company that has been in business for years would be a more reputable source of baby formula than one that isn’t as widely known.

When purchasing baby formula, take special care to inspect the outside packaging. It is important that it not be cracked, broken or leaking in any way. It is also important that, if the baby formula features a removable lid, that the seal not be broken or give the appearance of having been tampered with. If any of these signs are present, you should not only avoid purchasing the food, but you should also alert the sales rep so that he/she can remove the product from the shelf.

Another important tip to note during purchasing baby formula is to check the expiration date on every package prior to purchasing or feeding your baby. Before checking out of the grocery store, make sure the expiration date has not passed. If you tend to stock up baby formula, always make sure to recheck the expiration date prior to allowing your child eat the food. Sometimes, weeks and months can go by quickly and this is why it is so important to make sure that your baby formula is still fresh.

For various reasons, baby formula is often recalled by the manufacturer. It is best to keep updated on these recalls by staying tuned to the local news, reading the newspaper and even checking the manufacturer’s website regularly for any pertinent recall information. If a recall should be issued for your baby formula, simply return it to the store without allowing your child to consume any of the product.

Because baby formula is so important to your child’s development, make sure that you select that which is healthy and for your little one. Feeding instructions vary depending on the child’s age, so you may refer to the packaging guidelines for further preparation instructions and how to save the remaining product for later use. This information will vary depending on the manufacturer, so always refer to the label for further details.

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