Best Post-natal Vitamins For Breastfeeding Mothers

Best Post-natal Vitamins For Breastfeeding Mothers


Post-natal vitamins are vital for breastfeeding mothers as they need a whole lot of energy to resuscitate from the stress of pregnancy, childbirth and their new role of weaning their babies. Hence, they need to replenish lost vitamins and sapped energies.

The search for the best post natal vitamin can be somewhat tasking, but not to worry, as this article is a complete guide on all you need to know about these vitamins and which is required for breastfeeding mums. It is also important that your diets are replete with these vitamins.

Lactating mothers need daily dose of post-natal vitamins, and when there is a deficiency of such, that may not be so good for their body systems. Here’s a list of essential post natal vitamins required by breastfeeding mothers;

1) Iron

Iron is a vital nutrient for weaning mums. During pregnancy and childbirth, some women become iron deficient. Therefore, it is important that they take foods such as red meat, sea food, beans, spinach, apricots,green leafy vegetables, poultry birds, peas and iron-fortified cereals, breads and pastas as they are rich sources of iron. The recommended daily intake of iron for breastfeeding women from ages 19 to 50 is 10 milligrammes (mg). When there is insufficient iron in the body system, it can result in low energy levels, tiredness and shortness of breaths. Therefore, in order to prevent these, breastfeeding mothers should ensure that their foods are rich in iron.

2) Vitamin D

Breastfeeding mums require sufficient intake of vitamin D. The Institute of Medicine(IoM) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AA) agree that vitamin D intake during the first year of life should be 400 IU/d. A deficiency of vitamin D can result in one falling ill frequently. Hence, nursing mothers should take vitamin D or its supplement regularly as their weaning babies need such in the breast milk and it is an essential post-natal vitamin for breastfeeding mothers.

3) Iodine

Iodine is one of the essential post-natal vitamins required in a nursing mother’s diet as it helps develop their baby’s brain and nervous system, and keeps the mother’s thyroid in good shape. Foods such as iodized salt, shrimp, tuna, eggs, prunes, dairy products, lima beans are rich sources of iodine.

4) Vitamin B12

Weaning mothers need enough vitamin B12,not just for themselves, but their babies also. A deficiency of such can adversely affect them. Vitamin B12 supplements are highly recommended, particularly for vegan mums. So, it is good to eat foods that contain vitamin B12 to increase its nutrients in your body system. These foods include; low-fat milk, yoghurt, cheese, salmon, clam, egg and fortified cereals.

5) Choline

Choline is a brain-building nutrient adequately required for lactating mums. It is similar to vitamin B. Choline supplements include; choline bitrate, lecithin and phosphatidycholine. It is important for body metabolism, clearing of cholesterol from the liver, producing acetylcholine- a neurotransmitter required for muscle movement, maintaining one’s heartbeat, mood, and memory. Foods such as whole grains, dairy products, fruits and vegetables are high dietary sources of choline.

6) Calcium

Lactating mothers need a whole lot of calcium in their postpartum, partly due to the belief that women lose bone density while breastfeeding . The suggested dose of calcium for weaning mothers is 1,300 milligrammes (mg). Calcium fortified soya drink, sardines, green leafy vegetables, milk, cheese and other dairy products are rich sources of calcium which is a crucial post-natal vitamin.

7) Vitamin A

Babies as well as mothers need vitamin A. It is an essential nutrient vital for clear vision, growth, immune function and gene expression. Breast milk is a good source of vitamin  A for babies. Eggs, cod liver oil, fortified cereals and skim milk, fruits and vegetables contain adequate amounts of vitamin A.

8) Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant required for weaning mothers. It keeps the body cells healthy, quickens the healing process of wounds and tissues. Therefore, it has been recommended that breastfeeding mothers take 120 milligrammes(mg) of vitamin C daily. Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables. Additionally, its supplements can be taken as prescribed by your medical doctor.

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9) Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a requisite nutrient and post-natal vitamin for breastfeeding mums and their toddlers. It helps to prevent anaemia, aids the development of healthy muscles, and protects the eyes and lungs. Nuts, nut oils, sunflower seeds, spinach, broccoli, fortified breakfast cereals, margarine, fruit juices contain sufficient amounts of vitamin E.

10) Folic Acid

Folic acid is one of the crucial post-natal vitamins needed by breastfeeding mothers and their babies. Babies get folic acid from breast milk, so it is pertinent for mothers to have adequate doses of folic acid in their body systems. The daily recommended intake of folic acid for lactating mothers is 500 micrograms.

These post-natal vitamins bolsters the immune system, gives and replenishes energy, boosts body development and aids in the proper functioning of the body system.

The post-natal experience can be a delightful one, so relish in every bit of it. Kudos mums!

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Sunday oluwatosin
2 years ago

Sometimes a normal human being requires vitamins to survive. Vitamin B6 is very vital for proper body formation. God help our Pretty mamas

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