Five Easy Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

Five Easy Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby


Mothering is one of the most difficult jobs in the world – there are no holidays or breaks, there are no “off days”. For a new born baby, the world could be incredibly exciting but it could also be a little bit overwhelming and since babies are unable to communicate their wishes verbally, most of the time, their only available option is crying.

They are several factors that could make your baby restless, some of which could be overstimulation of the baby’s senses, restlessness, hunger, trapped wind, among other things.

Knowing this, here are five simple ways to help you soothe your baby:

  1. Scenery Change:

Just like us, some babies love a change of scenery and fresh air. Staying cooped up in one place for too long could make your baby bored and restless and as they grow older, some of them could get grumpy if it doesn’t happen. Sometimes, just going outside and taking a walk around with the baby could help to keep them content.

  1. Silence:

When an environment gets too loud and noisy, it could cause sensory overload for your baby. If there is too much noise and activity going on for too long, your baby could get irritable and start to cry. When this happens, they will need you to help keep their surroundings peaceful so they can relax. You could do this by taking them somewhere a little more quieter so they can catch their breath.

  1. Patting:

Never underestimate the power of soothing pats and cooing. When your baby becomes overstimulated and tired, it usually helps to pick them up and allow their head to rest on your shoulder, while you pat between their shoulder blades softly, rhythmically and lovingly, cooing and shushing past their ear – not directly into the ear. It also helps to gently rock them or sway while you hold them. Movements like this aid in taking your baby’s attention off their crying till they fall asleep.

  1. Relieving Wind and changing diapers:

Sometimes, baby’s cry because they have and they need to be burped but they are unable to do it on their own. Often, doing this helps to soothe your baby. You can do it by laying your baby on their back and doing gentle bicycle movements with their legs. You could also do it by pushing the baby’s legs gently up towards their tummy. Back rubbing and patting could also help to relieve gas.

Babies also cry when they have soiled their nappies or diapers. Dirty diapers cause heat and make babies very uncomfortable. So you should ensure that you change your baby’s nappies as soon as they are soiled. Often times, a clean baby is a happy baby.

  1. Napping

Upset babies are usually tired babies. In their first few months, it is important to give them regular naps throughout the day. This helps to keep your baby content and well rested.

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