10 Ways Expecting Mums Can Be Motivated To Exercise During Pregnancy

10 Ways Expecting Mums Can Be Motivated To Exercise During Pregnancy


Pregnancy can be quite a strenuous period for the most part of it, as there are countless times you feel like just relaxing, laying in bed sleeping and not doing anything. However, did you know that carrying out exercise during pregnancy is beneficial to you and your baby? Yes! Several researches have shown how advantageous exercising during pregnancy is. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have recommended that pregnant women should get at least 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise per day, most (if not all) days of the week.

There are tons of benefits of exercising during pregnancy and these range from boosting moods and energy levels, to reducing back aches, constipation, bloating and swelling; preventing excess weight gain, promoting muscle tone, strength and endurance streak, aiding a pregnant woman sleep better. Interestingly, exercising during pregnancy is also good for your newborn as studies on gestation and pregnancy have indicated that babies whose mothers exercised during pregnancy have a tendency of becoming physically coordinated earlier than those whose mums did not.

Pregnancy, although nerve-racking and exhausting, should not make you feel damp, and one way to lighten your mood is through exercise. Exercising during pregnancy is healthy and safe for you and your unborn child. In addition, it keeps you active.

Here are tips for staying motivated to exercise during pregnancy;

Exercising During Pregnancy is Worth the Effort

Always remember that exercising during pregnancy is worthwhile. From the listed advantages of working out during pregnancy, it shows that you and your newborn have a lot to gain from exercising, so why not hop on the train!

Remember How it Will Benefit Both You and Your Newborn

Think about the numerous positive impacts exercising during pregnancy will have on you and your newborn, and I’m certain you want that, so try working out.

Pregnant woman exercising. Photo source: pexels.com

Choose Exercises You are Comfortable With

Working out during pregnancy is good, however, we don’t want you feeling unwell or certain level of discomfort, therefore, it is pivotal you choose exercises you are comfortable with. You don’t need to overstress yourself while exercising, go for workout routines you feel comfortable doing and if you notice back pain or any other form of pain, you can discontinue.

Pregnant women doing a workout routine. Photo source: pexels.com

Choose an Exercise Environment That Works For You

This is so important in exercising during pregnancy. Choose an environment that you are comfortable with, preferably a cozy, secure, homely work out environment.

Be Prepared

Prepare yourself for this ‘journey’ of working out during pregnancy. It may not be so smooth, but it can be an enjoyable ‘ride’. Preparation entails getting exercise outfits like joggers, trainers and other sportswear that will aid an unruffled exercise routine.

Work out With Family and Friends

Well, it’s totally understanding if you do not feel like exercising during pregnancy, however, one way to get to do that is by working out with family and friends, as they motivate you to exercise.

Pregnant women working out. Photo credit: pexels.com

Exercising During Pregnancy Can Be Fun Too

Absolutely! Working out during pregnancy can be a whole lot of fun, which makes it a two-way street. Your energy levels get boosted, you get to maintain your body weight, while having fun.

Keep Track Of Your Routines

While you may not necessarily set workout goals during pregnancy, you can keep a tab on your exercise successes by writing down your daily exercise activities and achievements, that way you can be able to check where there are lapses, so as to workout better.

Relish in Every Success

You deserve more than a pat on the back for every achievement with your workout routine. It requires a certain level of efforts to pull this through, so whenever you get to exercise, please celebrate yourself. You deserve it and more! That is also an effective way to keep you motivated to achieving more.  

Remind Yourself of the Essence of Exercising During Pregnancy

Get to remind yourself of the reason for exercising, that way your morale can be boosted to keep going on. By reminding yourself of the numerous benefits of working out during pregnancy, you get to continue, particularly on days you feel tired and exhausted.

Now, you can stay motivated and get your baby bouncing. Exercise is healthy for pregnant women, so choose an exercise routine today to get started!

Here are a list of exercises that are safe for pregnant women to engage in;

Photo credit: pexels.com
  • Swimming
  • Stationary bike-riding
  • Pre-natal yoga
  • Dancing
  • Strength training
  • Indoor cycling
  • Low-impact aerobics (preferably taught by a certified aerobic instructor).
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