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It’s that time again! 2022, for many people, was the first post-Covid year that felt more “normal.” And yet, we still continue to struggle with the effects of the pandemic as well as continued Covid infections. Of course, there also have been new and exciting opportunities, success, and many moments of joy! At Giving Birth With Confidence, we did as we do every year — share a lot of high quality, evidence-based information about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and early parenthood.

Thank you, dear readers, for continuing to turn to Lamaze for resources, stories, and information on safe and healthy birth. Below, we compiled lists that summarize the blog’s year in review. Enjoy!  


Hot Topics

  • Labor support
  • Childbirth classes
  • Newborn safety tips
  • Birth terminology explained
  • LGBTQIA+ concerns for pregnancy & birth
  • ALL the tips about labor and birth
  • Safe medications for pregnancy
  • Cesarean
  • What to know about birth interventions
  • Black health equity
  • Pregnancy conditions
  • Common questions about pregnancy & postpartum


Some of the Questions We Answered


Top 10 Viewed Posts of 2022

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Best Foods and Snacks for Energy and Recovery When You’re Breastfeeding / Body Feeding 


How Long Does Prodromal Labor Last? Birth Terminology Explained 


ADD & ADHD Medications and Pregnancy – How to Know What’s Safe  


Pitocin – When It’s Used, What It’s Like, and How to Avoid Unnecessary Use  


What Week Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?


All About Burping Your Baby


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