40 bright baby names that mean sun


As anyone with a newborn on the way knows, the baby naming process is a rollercoaster of emotions, frustration (there are so many beautiful names to choose from!), and unexpected gems. Do you find vintage baby names elegant and timeless? Maybe you like the idea of passing a family member’s name down to your child. Whichever baby-naming route you go, you’ll definitely want a moniker that’s warm, bubbly, and strong-willed—and that’s why we’re putting sun-inspired names on the table.

The word “sun” can evoke so many different feelings, memories, and meanings. It can be the backdrop of your favorite childhood memories that you hope to recreate with your baby one day. The sun beams happiness, joy, and good vibes, and who doesn’t want that for their children? These warm, sunny names are brighter than the sun, and might just be the inspiration you were looking for.

Check out these 40 warm baby names inspired by the sun.

  1. Apollo
  2. Aurora 
  3. Ayden
  4. Beacon 
  5. Blaze
  6. Cyra 
  7. Cyrus
  8. Dawn
  9. Domingo
  10.  Elio
  11. Gisli
  12. Helen 
  13. Helia
  14.  Helia
  15. Helios
  16.  Idalia
  17.  Kalinda
  18.  Kiran
  19.  Kwasi
  20. Lucy
  21. Marisol 
  22. Nada
  23. Oriana
  24. Phoebe 
  25. Phoenix 
  26.  Ravi
  27.  Sampson
  28.  Sanson
  29.  Savita
  30.  Siria
  31.  Sol
  32.  Solaris
  33.  Sulien 
  34. Sunday
  35. Sunna 
  36.  Sunny 
  37. Suree 
  38. Taner
  39. Tesni
  40. Zia
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