Baby Hair: 10 Amazing Trendy DIY Hairstyles Your Babies Can Rock

Baby Hair: 10 Amazing Trendy DIY Hairstyles Your Babies Can Rock


As soon as babies begin to grow hair, mums often want to try various beautiful hairstyles on them, but sometimes do not know what styles to try on their babies or how to go about styling them. Little do many know that there are several unique do-it-yourself hairstyles that they can try on their babies.

Babies’ hairs are usually soft and tender, therefore requires the right and appropriate styling. Whether curly, straight, kinky, silky or any other type of hair, these amazing hairstyles will suit your baby. Also, it’s a known fact that babies can be dramatic when you are touching their hair, some cry and even scream at the top of their voices, some may be so restless therefore, when it comes to styling your baby’s hair, it is crucial you know what you are doing and go straight to the point.

Well, are you confused as to how to go about this? Not to worry as this article details a complete guide on amazing trendy do-it-yourself hairstyles you can try on your baby’s hair.

Check out these amazing hairstyles your babies can rock; 

Double Hair Bows

This is one unique hairstyle you can pull off on your baby’s hair in a nick of time. It requires parting the hair into three; then packing the hair into two bun ponytails at the upper part, brushing the down-part and leaving it.

Check out how to make this hairstyle here.

Bang Braids

This style is mostly suitable for babies with short hair, although it can also be pulled off on a longer hair. To make this style, take strands of your baby’s hair, from the top to the middle, and then weave loosely till you get to almost the tip of the hair, and then use a bobby pin to pin to the hair, so it doesn’t get loosened.

Check out how to make this hairstyle here.

Knotted Mohawk

Like the name implies, this style requires styling your baby’s hair in knots. To make this style, you will require a brush, hair band, sectioning clip, bobby pins, and hair spray. All you need do is, brush your baby’s hair, part a section at the temples to the crown, then use an elastic band to tie, divide the other sections into two and tie all into knots, pinning them with bobby pins. Then, lay the ends over the Mohawk, spray with a hairspray, and smoothen rough edges.

Check out how to make this hairstyle here.

Minnie Mouse Bow

Babies love Mickey Mouse and it will be nice to re-enact that through a hair style, hence, the Minnie Mouse Bow. To make this, you will require a hair brush, elastic band, and about three (3) bobby pins.  Brush the hair upwards and then pack in an up-do. Hold the hair and secure tightly with the elastic band, do this back and forth till you have a little tight portion of the elastic band, and use to tie the hair in a bow-like form.

You are then left with the tail of the hair. Use your hands to part the bow into two, and use the tail of the hair to partition the bows at the middle. Take the bobby pins and secure the little tail tightly. You can also secure the Minnie mouse bows with more pins.

Click here to learn how to make this hairstyle.

French Braids

French Braids will most definitely suit your baby. So, why not try it out! To make this, you need a hair brush, a parting comb and hair oil for silky hair. Brush your baby’s hair and then partition equally, from top to the bottom. Then you begin weaving from the outer/outside part of the hair. Weave both sides separately till the end.

Check out how to make this hairstyle here.

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Braided Princess Crown

This hairstyle will be perfect for your baby’s curly hair. It gives your child a natural, royal, elegant look. To create this style, you need hair brush, bobby pins and elastic bands. Partition sections of your baby’s hair, creating a section at the middle of the hair. Then, comb the two opposite sides, so you don’t encounter disturbances from the other hair while trying to braid the centre.

Weave the centre hair forward and stop when you get to the forehead. Take the part left of the centre you just weaved and divide into two. Braid each side separately. Secure the tip of each braid with elastic bands. Then, secure the braids onto the hair at the back with bobby pins.

To learn how to make this hairstyle, check here.

Tinkerbell Bun

To make the Tinkerbell Bun, partition a part of your baby’s hair from the front, and comb forward. Style the hair in a high ponytail and tie with a hair tie or hair band also called hair doughnut. Use a bun maker than matches your baby’s hair colour on the ponytail. Spread your baby’s hair around the bun maker and then slide another hair tie over the bun maker. Twist the ends of your baby’s hair around the bun for a neater touch. Then, wrap a ribbon around the base of the bun.

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Learn how to make this hairstyle here.

Waterfall Twist

The waterfall twist is one amazing hairstyle that suits babies with long hair. To create this hairstyle, begin from the top, outer right part of your baby’s hair. Then, twist and weave, leaving strands behind till you get to the left side of the hair. Then, secure with a bobby pin at the end. You can also use your hands to straighten the hair at the back.

Check out how to make this hairstyle here.

Double Twist Back

This hairstyle is suitable for both long and short hairs. To make this, partition your baby’s hair with a comb into two equal parts. Then, on one side, still partition into two and twist each side backwards. Do same for the other side. At the end, secure each side tightly with an elastic band. You can also join each side together with a hair band that suits your baby’s hair colour or even dress colour.

To learn how to create this hairstyle, click here.

Simple Twist

This style is simple to make. All you need do is take portions of your baby’s hair, either from the left or the right, twist till you get to the middle of the hair, and hold tightly with a bobby pin.

Check out how to make this hairstyle here.

These hairstyles are quite easy to pull off. So, all you need do is follow these vital steps to make them and voila, you can now style your baby’s hair, giving them a different and unique look.

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