Childbirth Educators Share Favorite Free Online Childbirth Videos


There are plenty of free childbirth videos online. In fact, one could argue there are too many. How can you find the videos that are the most helpful, inspirational, and educational? One way is to ask a childbirth educator. Our group of Lamaze educators find the following videos most helpful to parents preparing to give birth with confidence and according to best evidence and practices:


Injoy Health Education

Free clips – in English & in Spanish


Everyday Miracles 

By Lamaze International & Injoy 



Previously posted videos

Facebook group


Global Health Media

Available in multiple different languages at the main link (above). Check out these two videos in particular:

Positions for Birth

What to Expect in Birth


Birth Becomes You




The Birth of Easton


Videos by Monet Nicole


Home water birth of Caius James


Rekita and Michael’s homebirth


Birth Unscripted


Happy Children Project

Happy Birth Day (trailer, but great birth montage!)

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