Gather These Must-Have Supplies to Make Postpartum More Comfortable


If you’re due to give birth in the next few weeks or sooner, consider what you can do now to make the days and weeks after birth easier. After your baby is born, life will take on a different flavor — the pace will slow and your energy will be limited for things outside of taking care of your baby and yourself. People with a new baby have found the following list of items to be very helpful to have within reach. Take some time now during your routine shopping trips/orders to gather some supplies for after baby is born. But don’t worry if you forget a few things — there’s almost nothing Instacart or Amazon can’t handle.   

Your favorite pads or period underwear – Whether reusable or disposable, be sure to have options in different absorbencies. 

Prepackaged nutritious carb- & protein-rich snacks – Choose items that are easy to eat and pack a nutritious punch. 

New/additional lightweight/breathable pajamas – Make sure you have at least 2-3 pair on hand (to wash after postpartum night sweats), and choose a loose fitting waistband or nightgown and easy on/off top/straps for breastfeeding/bodyfeeding. 

Perineal ice packs – So many options! Your body will thank you for this cooling relief.  

Fragrance-free flushable wipes – For after you graduate from the peri bottle rinse. 

Hemorrhoid cream – Not everyone gets them, but it’s nice to have this on hand, just in case! 

Core support / abdominal binder – Whether you’ve had a vaginal birth or cesarean birth, your core will be weak. An abdominal support device helps provide stability where it’s needed most as you move around in the weeks after birth.

Stool softener, like Colace – Ease your fears of the first poo — a stool softener makes it so you don’t have to strain or stretch tender perineal areas. 

Prenatal vitamins – It’s recommended to keep taking prenatal vitamins throughout your duration of breast/body feeding or if you’re not, for as long as you have post-birth bleeding. 

Nipple ointment – Not everyone will need nipple soothing cream, but it’s nice to have it on hand if it’s needed. Check out these suggestions

Number for a local lactation consultant – You may not need one, but if you do, you’ll be thankful you know exactly who to call. Do your research in advance and keep the name and number of 1-2 professionals. 

Number for local postpartum doula – A postpartum doula is a great option for those who don’t have a wide support network, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Or, really, a great choice for anyone who wants extra support and/or guidance with postpartum and their baby. 


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