Let’s talk about Bruno—and 40 other Encanto-inspired baby names


If you’ve seen the movie or have young relatives who have, then you know how great of a film Disney’s Encanto is (and you can’t get the songs out of your head). The movie centers around the Madrigals, who have each been given a special power except for poor Mirabel. But when their family’s casita begins to fall apart, Mirabel sets out to save their home, discovering her true power along the way. 

With a heartwarming storyline, funny cast of characters, and lively soundtrack, it’s easy to see why Encanto is quickly becoming a beloved film in the Disney universe—as well as a great place for baby name inspiration! The cast and characters have such beautiful names like Mirabel, Alma, and Pico, we couldn’t help but compile a list of them plus other beautiful Colombian monikers to use as baby names (including the names of many of the cast members!).  If you’re obsessed with Encanto or love the idea of using entertainment as inspiration, then be sure to bookmark this list!

Here are 40 Colombian and Encanto-inspired baby names.

  1. Adassa
  2. Agustin 
  3. Alan 
  4. Alma
  5. Ana María 
  6. Angie 
  7. Antonio 
  8. Bruno 
  9. Camilo
  10. Carlos
  11. Carolina 
  12. Diane 
  13. Dolores 
  14. Félix 
  15. Fernando  
  16. Gabriel 
  17. Héctor
  18. Isabel 
  19. John 
  20. Juan 
  21. Juanes 
  22. Julieta
  23. Luis 
  24. Luisa 
  25. Maluma 
  26. María
  27. Mariano 
  28. Mauro 
  29. Mirabel 
  30. Naela
  31. Olga 
  32. Pepa
  33. Pico 
  34. Ravi 
  35. Rose 
  36. Shakira
  37. Sofía 
  38. Stephanie 
  39. Wilmer 
  40. Ximena 
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