Best Gifts for 4-Year-Olds

Best Gifts for 4-Year-Olds


A girl places colorful rings on top of each other while smiling off to the side. She is lying on the carpet of a classroom. She is dressed casually.

The holiday season is here, and if you have toddlers at home, holiday shopping may already be on your mind. But, let’s face it — shopping for a 4-year-old can be challenging. They are at the age now where they have preferences, and it can be tricky to select gifts that aren’t too young for them but are also age-appropriate. The best gift to give your 4-year-old is to help their imagination come alive. Little ones love storytelling, pretend play, and exploration at this age. Parallel play becomes a thing of the past, and they begin to interact with others and play socially. We’ve rounded up the best gifts for 4-year-olds to keep their minds and bodies moving!

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