Best Type of Stroller for a Newborn

Deciding on baby gear is overwhelming, especially for people just entering the parenthood market. In general, newborns do best when they’re skin-to-skin or held close in the arms of their caregivers. That said, there are times when a stroller makes life and transportation easier. Because newborns lack neck and trunk control, the kind of stroller you choose is important. Below, we’ve outlined key considerations when shopping or registering for a stroller to transport your newborn. 

Stroller Types Typically Safe for Newborns

  • Travel System
  • All-in-one Travel System 
  • Combination Stroller
  • Car Seat Stroller
  • Car Seat Carrier Stroller
  • Convertible Stroller
  • Double Stroller 

Look for These Keywords When Choosing a Stroller for Your Newborn

  • Convertible
  • Grows with your child
  • From infant to toddler
  • From birth to X
  • Travel system (means an infant seat can be placed)
  • Bassinet (compatible, adaptable, built in)
  • Infant stroller
  • From 4/5lbs to X
  • Newborn stroller 

Helpful Stroller Features for Newborns

  • Removable and fully washable fabric/covers
  • Simple/one-handed folding
  • Reversible seat so baby can face you
  • Sunshade/canopy
  • Comes with car seat (“travel system”) or bassinet
  • Adaptable to or compatible with bassinet and/or car seat
  • Fully reclining seat with infant supports
  • Easy-to-operate brakes
  • Wide base to help prevent tipping

What Strollers NOT to Use With a Newborn

Strollers that do not fully recline or are not compatible with or include a bassinet or infant car seat are not suitable or safe for infants. This usually includes most umbrella strollers as well as some traditional strollers. Additionally, take care when choosing a jogging stroller if you’re planning to use it during infancy. Many jogging strollers are not designed to safely carry babies 1-3 months of age. 

Newborn Stroller Safety Tips

  • Never leave baby unattended
  • Keep bulky toys or soft bedding/blankets out of the stroller to avoid suffocation
  • Always, always buckle baby in
  • Use the brakes when parking
  • Don’t park on a slope
  • Don’t hang things, like a diaper bag, from the handle bar as it can cause tipping
  • Be mindful of the sun, which can heat fabrics and surfaces to temperatures that could burn your baby’s skin
  • Check for recalls


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