How To Keep Your Baby’s Items Within Reach and Off the Floor With Busy Baby

How To Keep Your Baby’s Items Within Reach and Off the Floor With Busy Baby


As a parent to a baby or toddler, you might find yourself constantly picking up your little one’s toys, teethers, and feeding utensils during playtime, mealtime, or, you know, all the time. We don’t know what it is about tossing everything on the floor while they are in their high chair, but they love it, and it can become a regular game of “fetch” for us parents. And when you’re on the go, this can be extra challenging because you want to avoid all the germs. Having to wipe or wash all the items every time they land on the floor gets old quickly. Enter Busy Baby.

Mom-invented and family-run, Busy Baby’s innovative product line was designed to simplify everyday life for parents and their tiny tots. Whether you’re expecting, have a toddler, or hope to improve everyday life with small children, we suggest looking at Busy Baby’s line of products.

What Is Busy Baby?

Baby girl sitting in a white high chair using the Busy Baby mat and teething spoon.

A real mom created Busy Baby with a vision of helping busy parents’ days be a bit more enjoyable and hassle-free. If you’ve got a kiddo who loves tossing anything and everything on the floor, this company’s products, like the silicone placemat and bib and utensils, make sense and are definitely for you.

Busy Baby features a unique, first-of-its-kind line of products made to keep baby items within reach and off the floor. Featuring items like placemats, tethers, and accessories, Busy Baby products are very practical and helpful. They’re also perfect for any baby’s solid food and baby-led weaning journey.

Why We Love Busy Baby

Busy Baby gives us several reasons to rave about its products. Together, their items create a system to simplify daily life with your baby. Here’s what we love most about this one-of-a-kind system.

The System Is Convenient and Makes Mealtime More Enjoyable

Baby girl in a high chair eating yogurt with her Busy Baby utensils, bib, and mat.

While not having to pick up toddler spoons and forks every other minute sounds like a luxury, the concept is practical. Do any of us want to be picking up utensils, heading to the sink to clean them, and engaging in a never-ending game of rinse (literally) and repeat for every single meal with our tiny humans? The answer is no. These placemats, tethers, and bungees make sense while making mealtime less stressful for mom, dad, and baby. It has solved a problem that many parents experience daily.

It Can Be Used for Playtime and Beyond

Baby girl sitting in front of a window with a Busy Baby on it with some of her toys.

Sure, the most obvious way to use these products might be for dining. But Busy Baby’s placemats can attach to various surfaces that extend far beyond the kitchen table! Need to occupy your kiddo while making a call in your home office? Attach the Silicone Placemat to the window and tether a couple of toys. Have a basket of laundry to fold on your bed? Place your system on a smooth surface nearby to entertain your kiddo. Busy Baby’s Placemat and Tether System can also be placed over shopping cart handles, on the bathtub wall, and anywhere your kiddo can sit to draw. Let’s not forget about the possibilities with the Mini Mat. It suctions seamlessly to items like wagon stroller snack trays, airplane table trays, and travel high chairs.

Busy Baby Products Are Safe, Highly Portable, and Easy To Clean

Busy baby products, including the silicone placemat, mini mat, and bungee bib

We love that the company uses toxin-free materials for their placemats, tethers, bungees, and utensils. They meet all U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission safety requirements and are made from 100% food-grade silicone. They’re also free from lead, BPA, BPS, phthalates, and PVC, making them safe for direct contact with baby’s hands, mouth, food, and toys. The premium silicone suction cups easily stick to clean, smooth surfaces — including but not limited to high chairs and tabletops — and can be bundled up in the included travel sleeves in seconds. The fact that the products are easy to wipe down and dishwasher safe is the icing on the cake.

They Support a Baby’s Development and Benefit Parents

Baby girl doing tummy time in front of the fridge with a Busy Baby mat suctioned on the fridge with baby's toys.

As parents, we appreciate that the products are designed to meet babies’ developmental needs. First and foremost, they support early exploration of foods and aid in a smooth and successful baby-led weaning journey with frustration-free self-feeding. Even more, the products promote the development of fine motor skills and introduce problem-solving skills. By design, the Mat and Tether System allows babies to hone their hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, balance, visual tracking, and understanding of cause and effect.

You Can Mix and Match Products

White high chair with Busy Baby mat and items tethered to it.

The company offers an assortment of placemats, bungees, tethers, and compatible feeding utensils. Because of this, it’s simple to customize your child’s setup and change it as needed. This product line is versatile and adaptable, growing with your family. We love that you can choose how many tethers to attach to the placemat or whatever you’re tethering your baby’s belongings to!

The Products Are Straightforward and User-Friendly

Baby girl next to a window with Busy Baby toys looking toward the camera

We also love the simplicity Busy Baby offers. It makes mealtime and playtime with a baby more hassle-free and manageable, and the products are straightforward and user-friendly. They’re simple to set up, take apart, store for transport, and clean, which is necessary for busy families. To use the bungee on the mat, you only have to push the ball end through the hole on the mat. For use on anything else (like a stroller handlebar), wrap the bungee around its landing spot and secure the ball and hole. Using the tethers is just as easy! These products truly make the day-to-day routine with littles a bit easier. 🙂

Busy Baby Products

Busy Baby product line in their packaging

Busy Baby features an extensive line of convenient, forward-thinking items, from silicone suction placemats to tether straps for toys. We’ve researched them, tried out samples, and discovered what makes these products exceptional. Here’s a closer look at everything the product line offers and what we received to test and review.

Silicone Placemat

Busy Baby mat with the tethers and toys and sippy cup attached

This 100% food-grade silicone suction placemat adheres to smooth surfaces and includes four toy strap tethers. It measures 8½ inches by 11 inches, ideal for most high chairs. It’s dishwasher safe and comes with a travel sleeve for easy transport, making it suitable for use anywhere. And we’ve tried it everywhere! We have suctioned it to their high chair tray, the sliding glass window, the refrigerator, and even a plane window. This placemat is available in various colors (spearmint, pewter, pink, blue, violet, tan, and olive) and is intended for babies 4-18 months old.

Busy Baby Mini Mat

6 month old baby sitting in a Bumbo seat with a Busy Baby mini mat on the tray.

Similar to the silicone placemat but made especially for small high chairs and travel trays, this 3-inch by 11-inch mini mat features three suction cups and two tether straps for toys and utensils. It’s available in the same beautiful colors as its full-size counterpart and includes a reusable wet bag for easy storage. The mat is intended for babies 4-18 months old.

Bungee Bib and Utensils

Busy Baby bib and tethered utensils

The premium, dishwasher-safe silicone Bungee Bib and Utensils set is an excellent way to make your baby’s mealtime mess-free — or as close to it as possible! The bib is free from toxins and safe for teething babies to chew on, and it has an adjustable neck for a just-right fit. Furthermore, the included baby-proof spoon, fork, and knife pair perfectly with the placemat. The bundled set has two tether straps (additional bungees can be purchased separately).

Baby girl teeting on the Busy Baby teething spoon

Besides this set, Busy Baby offers a 2-in-1 Teething Spoon specifically designed for self-feeding, teething, and learning.

Busy Baby Bungees

Baby girl in her car seat and her bottle is attached to a Busy Baby bungee hanging off the side.

Busy Baby offers bungees and tethers to keep sippy cups, toys, feeding utensils, pacifiers, and more off the ground. These are 100% food-grade silicone, and you can use them with or without Busy Baby placemats. Besides its signature utensils, Busy Baby lists safe, parent-approved toys and other baby items compatible with the bungees.

Busy Baby teething toys in their packaging

If you want to try more than one item from Busy Baby, we recommend checking out their bundles! These allow you to get multiple products at a lower price. The First Foods Bundle can help you introduce your baby to solid foods. It features the silicone placemat, bib and utensils set, teether and training spoon, and pulp silicone feeders, which allow babies to self-feed. The Busy Baby Gift Bundle is a great option to give to a first-time mom. They’ll be able to try the bottle bungee, mini mat, training spoon, and more.

Busy Baby has much to offer, whether you’re at the beginning of your baby-led weaning journey with your infant or searching for a more toddler-friendly, hassle-free system for your kiddo’s snack time or independent play. Mom-made, parent-approved, and kid-safe, these convenient products make everyday activities easier and more enjoyable for everyone. We know you’ll love Busy Baby as much as we do! Check out their line of products here to order yours.

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