Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Tips from the Mama Psychologists – Podcast Ep 105

Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Tips from the Mama Psychologists – Podcast Ep 105


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Postpartum. For most, it’s a vulnerable and challenging time in motherhood. We are healing, learning, and evolving into the mothers our babies need us to be. It can be a lot, but thankfully there are things that we can do to prepare for the postpartum period, and there is support to help us through it. We have the Mama Psychologists with us today, and they are sharing their top postpartum tips, as well as what moms need to know after having a baby.

Who are the Mama Psychologists?

Today’s guests are Chelsea Bodie and Caitlin Slavens! They are best friends, registered psychologists, and, most importantly, mothers who struggled significantly in the postpartum period. From months-long NICU stay to birth trauma and postpartum anxiety—they truly have experienced many of the topics they cover with their clients and their audience on Instagram and social media.

In this episode, Caitlin and Chelsea are chatting about all things postpartum; normalizing post-baby mental health struggles, navigating #momlife, and finding strength amid the chaos. They share their own postpartum experiences and tips they believe all new moms should know. We are grateful they are here on our show to discuss these topics with us. They also give us great insight into their new book! If you’re preparing for postpartum or are in the thick of it now, this episode is for you.

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