Pregnancy & Birth News Worth Reading 10-21-22

We’ve rounded up some pregnancy and birth stories and news for your reading enjoyment this Friday. From feel-good to good-to-know, we hope you take a few minutes and enjoy the news and views that others have to share!

All About Hair Loss During PregnancyRomper

Find out why it happens, how common it is, what you can do to reduce loss, and whether it grows back. 

‘A Delicate Dance’ – a personal essay by anchor Courtney Gousman about her pregnancy journeyNews 5 Cleveland

A heartwarming story of one Black mother and her family’s experience with infertility, pregnancy, prematurity, healthy birth, and loss of a parent. Read to find out about their happy ending. 

Pregnancy could curb desire to smoke before it is suspected or recognizedNorthwestern Now

Findings from a new study that suggests that becoming pregnant helps a person cut down on cigarette use even before they know about the pregnancy. Find out why they think this happens. 

Hospital Paints Pumpkins to Reveal What Dilation During Childbirth Really Looks LikeIn the Know Parenting

Yes, you read that right. And it’s as cute as it is funny. Check out their video footage!

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby in America?Investopedia

Vaginal birth vs. cesarean. With insurance vs. without. Out-of-pocket costs vs. insurance coverage. Numbers based on 2020 data. Good for baby budget planning! 

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