The Adoption Journey: What People Need to Know – Podcast Ep 125

The Adoption Journey: What People Need to Know – Podcast Ep 125


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With November being National Adoption Month, we’re thrilled to chat with a guest who knows this topic extremely well, Becky Fawcett. We talked about all things adoption in this episode. We discussed her personal adoption journey, the adoption process people need to know, costs, and much more.

Who is Becky Fawcett?

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Becky Fawcett is the founder and president of, an equality-based organization that seeks to reduce the financial burden of adoption. After graduating from Franklin & Marshall College, Becky had a successful career in the magazine industry, first for Baltimore magazine and then for Philadelphia magazine as the director of marketing. She then went on to found The Fawcett Group, a full-service public relations and marketing firm.

Becky and her husband, Kipp, adopted their first daughter, Jane, in 2005 and their second daughter, Brooke, in 2009. After adopting their first child, Becky and Kipp were so grateful that they had the financial means to adopt that they decided to make a donation to an organization that would help ease another family’s financial burden. Sadly, they could not find an adoption grant organization that was based on a mission of equality. To address this need and help all types of families, they founded in 2007. has been featured on CNN,, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, O Magazine, and Good Housekeeping for their groundbreaking work in the world of adoption. Becky lives in Manhattan with her husband, Kipp, and their children, Jane and Brooke.

What Did We Discuss?

In this episode, we chat with Becky all about adoption! Here are several of the questions that we covered:

  • Becky, did you always know you wanted to adopt?
  • We’d love to hear more about your personal adoption story and experience. Please share with us!
  • What were the biggest challenges you faced while going through the adoption process?
  • I’ve heard from families that the adoption process can be overwhelming. Where do you suggest a family start to explore adoption?
  • What aspects of adoption do you think the general public might be unaware of?
  • Can you walk our audience through a typical adoption process?
  • What is the average cost of adoption?
  • Why is adoption so expensive?
  • What obstacles does the high cost of adoption create for families and children?
  • What advice would you give families who are just beginning to explore adoption options?

It was a pleasure chatting with Becky about the adoption journey and hearing her passion and knowledge about such a very special topic. We hope that this episode brings hope and encouragement to families out there who may or may not be considering adoption.

Becky’s Resources

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