The Motherhood Planner & Journal That Helps Moms Live Their Best Life!

The Motherhood Planner & Journal That Helps Moms Live Their Best Life!


Nina Spears, The Baby Chick, sitting at her desk in her office writing inside of her motherhood planner.

Helping families, particularly moms, has been a passion of mine for over a decade. As a certified baby planner, doula, and pregnancy and parenting educator, I’ve had the honor of helping over 700 mothers throughout their pregnancies and motherhood journeys. Supporting moms is more than just my career; it’s a part of who I am.

Since the beginning of my career in the mom-and-baby world, I have dreamed of creating a resource and products to help moms in their motherhood journeys. As a planner myself, I always knew a paper planner was something I wanted to design for moms. When the perfect opportunity arose to create this product, I jumped in ecstatic! I’m thrilled that this planner is now a reality, and I am overjoyed to share a deeper look into our Motherhood Planner — the perfect tool to help moms stay organized, reflect on the good they are creating for themselves and their families and achieve their goals and dreams.

What is the Motherhood Planner?

Nina Spears holding up the Motherhood Planner. She's standing in front of a white brick wall.

The Motherhood Planner is a six-month paper planner and journal I created with North + Third specifically for moms. It’s essentially two helpful products combined into one spiral-bound book! I designed it to be a go-to tool for mothers to help them focus on their most important things, prioritize their own needs, and accomplish their goals. The Motherhood Planner allows you to keep track of your weekly and monthly schedule and your habits, like a planner, and it provides journal prompts for moms to process their thoughts and emotions so they can feel clearer, lighter, and recharged each week. It’s loaded with useful templates to help moms unlock their true desires and set a path to living the life they want.

Why did I make this planner?

Nina Spears sitting at her desk in her office filling out her motherhood planner.

As I mentioned, I love a good planner. There are many great benefits to using a planner, and one of the most obvious ones (especially for moms!) is to help us remember what’s on our schedule and everything on our to-do list. They have helped me tremendously throughout my life to stay on track and accomplish my many goals, but I couldn’t find one with everything I was looking for. This is why I decided to create my own — the Motherhood Planner! It contains everything a mom needs to stay on track with her habits, schedule, to-do lists, meal planning, grocery lists, gratitude, priorities, and more!

Another practice I’ve performed since I was a young girl is journaling. There are also lots of benefits to journaling that can help us mentally and physically. When designing this product, I knew I wanted to combine my two loves of planning and journaling. Our Motherhood Planner does precisely that. It’s the product I’ve wanted for myself and other mothers for years, so I made it! And now it’s available for you. 🙂

What’s with the quote on the cover?

Nina Spears standing and holding her motherhood planner. There is a photo collage behind her.

As moms, we often put everyone else’s needs before our own. Our families depend on us to care for them and provide safety and structure. While these responsibilities are essential as a parent, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prioritize our needs. The less I care for myself, the faster I feel exhausted and burnt out. It can lead me to bitterness and resentment, then guilt and shame. I believe many mothers can relate, so I picked the quote “This is your moment” for the cover of our Motherhood Planner. I hope this quote reminds moms every time they pick up their planner that this is their moment … their moment to thrive, to connect with themselves, and to put themselves back on their priority list. We even highlighted “mom” in the word “moment” to pay homage to all moms because this planner was specially made for all mamas!

What’s inside the Motherhood Planner? What makes it special?

While this is an amazing planner, if I say so myself, it’s also much more! Let me show you around.

Let’s celebrate!

A look inside the Baby Chick Motherhood Planner. This is the events page.

At the beginning of the planner, we have several pages to help moms remember important information and events all in one place. First, you’ll find our Birthday & Anniversary Tracker and Upcoming Events pages. Here moms can write out all the special days they want and need to remember. This might include parties, vacations, and work trips.

Don’t forget!

A look inside the Baby Chick Motherhood Planner

Then, you’ll find our Password Keeper and Important Information pages. These pages help moms remember those details they don’t want to forget. For passwords, you can write down website passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, and alarm codes; and for important information, remember vital phone numbers, your neighbors’ names, etc. I even included a spot for allergies because my daughter is allergic to eggs and several types of nuts. I wanted a place to write them all down so I could have it nearby, look at and remember them all.

Goals & Intentions

A look inside the Baby Chick Motherhood Planner

Our Motherhood Planner was also designed for moms to look internally and determine what they really want to achieve in the next six months. What’s important to them? Here’s where moms can reflect on all areas of their life and determine what they want to work on and how they want to grow.

What about the planning?

What makes our Motherhood Planner extra special is that it’s undated. That’s right. You can start using this planner any time of the year and take a break when needed. This way, you can use it how you want and when you need it. It’s a six-month planner that keeps you on track with your priorities, to-do’s, and goals.

Meal Planning

A look inside the Baby Chick Motherhood Planner. This is the meal planning and grocery list pages.

We designed pages for you to organize at the beginning of each week what you plan on eating weekly and what you need to get at the grocery store to be successful with your meal plan. Whether you only write out your dinner plans, what you’re making for your kids throughout the week for each meal, or your meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), this helps you outline a solid plan. I personally like talking with my family and asking what they want to eat that week. This way, we get to come up with our menu together. From there, I can write out what ingredients we need for me to make our meal plan possible. Doing this eliminates last-minute runs to the store or cooking something none of us want to eat.

Prepare for the Week Ahead

A look inside the Baby Chick Motherhood Planner. This is the looking ahead page.

After that, I like to prepare for the week mentally. What are the priorities? Are there habits that I want to hold myself accountable to? What am I grateful for? And is there a mantra that I want to remind myself of to help motivate me to accomplish it all? This page is where I can map it all out.

A look inside the Baby Chick Motherhood Planner. This is the looking ahead page.

The next page is a great journaling section that can help moms get in a good headspace to welcome the new week. Either on Sunday or Monday, I recommend filling it out to remind yourself of all the beautiful things you have to look forward to and are creating in your life.

Plan It Out!

A look inside the Baby Chick Motherhood Planner. This is the weekly planner page.

Now, get to planning! We have the undated weekly plan layout for moms to fill in with their appointments, events, responsibilities, etc. At the top of each weekly plan page, moms will find a little quote from me. At the bottom of the page is a section to write out their to-do’s, a place that encourages moms to make time for the things that really matter to them, and a spot for moms to write out what happened that week they don’t want to forget. Maybe their child reached a milestone, got an A on a test, kicked the winning goal at a game, or showed kindness to someone in need. It can also be a place to write out something mom did or experienced that she wants to remember. I wanted to ensure our Motherhood Planner highlighted all the positive things going on in moms’ lives. The more we talk about them and write them down, the quicker we will be to recognize and remember all the good things we have going on.

Let’s Reflect Back

A look inside the Baby Chick Motherhood Planner. This is the looking back page.

After the week has ended, moms can journal and reflect in their Motherhood Planner. Sometimes we think about what went wrong and what we could have done better. My intention with this page is to help moms process their emotions, recognize the good that did occur, determine what they learned, and remember what they’re proud of. It’s essential to start the week strong, but ending the week stronger is equally important. Many times, moms don’t have the time or ability to express what they’re feeling and going through. I hope that our Motherhood Planner can become your new BFF in motherhood. She’ll remind you of what’s on your schedule, your priorities, and how you’re a wonderful mom week after week.

This continues for six months and includes some note pages as well. In the back, moms will find a pocket to store loose leaf reminders, receipts, etc., and our planner stickers! We wanted moms to be able to customize their Motherhood Planner with stickers, which, in my opinion, make it even more fun!

How can it help moms?

Nina Spears sitting on the floor in a gym wearing athletic apparel writing in her motherhood planner.

Ask yourself these questions below. Are you a mom who . . .

  • wants to get on a better routine?
  • is looking for a tool that can help you stay accountable?
  • wants to find more time in her schedule to take better care of herself?
  • wants to achieve her goals?
  • is feeling mentally overwhelmed?
  • wants to do more of the things that matter to her?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Motherhood Planner is for you!

Where can you get yours?

Nina Spears holding the motherhood planner and putting it inside of her purse.

You can now sign up for the waitlist to be among the first to have exclusive access 24 hours before the pre-order opens (May 10). You will be the first to know when it’s available! Our pre-order opens to the public from May 11th through the 14th. I want moms to know that this product is a limited edition. It will only be available for a short time — until supplies last. To ensure you get your own copy of the Motherhood Planner, join the waitlist here! I hope you love it as much as I have loved designing it for you.

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