10 Little Things That Are a Big Deal When You’re Pregnant

10 Little Things That Are a Big Deal When You’re Pregnant


A mixed-race woman is pregnant. She is in her second trimester. The woman is lying on the couch in discomfort. She is breathing heavily and is resting her hand on her stomach. Prenatal, morning sickness, back pain, heartburn, and constipation concepts.

The joys of being pregnant. It’s a beautiful time, they say. The best time of your life, they say. Honestly, it’s true. Or it can be true, but it’s also important to remember not all pregnancies are equal, and some things become a big deal when pregnant. From physical and emotional changes to your pregnancy cravings and emotions running amuck, everything seems to matter 1,000 times more than you expect.

I mean, pants. All the joy and all the sadness, all the time. Being touched constantly. And the absolute certainty that you will never find a comfortable position again. It’s all just too much. Once pregnancy is behind you, some of these things make you laugh, and some will have you nodding your head in solidarity. Even if it has been years, some things stay with you (like those maternity outfits that are still your fave).

10 Little Things That Are a Big Deal When You’re Pregnant

Here are 10 things that aren’t significant before pregnancy but become a big deal when you’re pregnant.

1. Putting On Shoes, Pants . . . or Pretty Much Anything

While you might not be there yet, we all reach a point in our pregnancy when putting on clothes feels like a chore. Leggings, shoes, socks, and, of course, anything with a button will be a no-go. Getting dressed will be the bane of your existence, so invest in maternity clothing that makes you feel good and comfortable. Go for the maxi dress. It’ll be a lifesaver.

2. Getting In and Out of a Car

Why do I have to lift my legs so high, and when did the steering wheel get too close to my bump? Once the ease of gliding in and out of the car is in the rearview, then, and only then, will you fully appreciate how much you loved being able to get out and about without it feeling like an Olympic event.

3. Siracha and Peaches. Because Why Not?

They might not be super strange combinations, but pregnancy cravings are no joke and a big deal when pregnant. I mean, if it doesn’t concern your doctor, have at it. What can we say? Sometimes pickles are the best topping of everything you’re craving.

4. Getting Comfortable

You flip, and you flop, and you stretch, and you wiggle. Let’s face it: There comes a time in your pregnancy when finding a place and position you don’t absolutely hate takes too much effort. Not only does it take your pregnancy pillow, three throw blankets, and half a dozen pillows to help get you in a position you don’t hate, it’s guaranteed that the second you get into that spot, you’ll have to get up for some reason (like to go to the restroom) and then spend another 20 minutes getting into it again. This brings us to our next point . . .

5. The Moment You’re Comfortable, You Must Pee

Whether it’s that comfy spot on the couch, a position in bed you finally might be able to sleep in, or getting into the car to run a few errands, it’s an absolute certainty that you’ll have to pee all the time, every time, and at the most inconvenient times.

6. Movies Make You Cry, But So Do Insurance Commercials

But the mom gave her daughter that keepsake pendant to remember to get a good deal on insurance on her wedding day! Cue the waterfall of irrational emotions brought on by, well, literally everything.

7. Picking Up Anything that Requires Bending or Reaching

I don’t know about you, but even in my younger years, I wasn’t the bendiest person. And now you’re asking me to get clothes out of the top-load laundry basket, grab Legos before I step on them even though I can’t see my feet, and reach for something on the top shelf. All this even though I have a whole watermelon-sized baby in the way now. It’s unbelievable how minor activities become the most cumbersome chores and a big deal when pregnant.

8. Bad Brain Fog

Did I start the washer before I left the house? Did I turn the oven off before heading out? I know you asked me to pick up three things at the grocery store five minutes ago, but I already forgot what to get by the time I got to the car. Of course, between the stress, pregnancy hormones, and less and less sleep I’ve been getting, it’s going to happen.

9. Strangers and Family Are Touching Me Out

We all understand how adorable baby bumps are. They’re so sweet and precious and are begging to be rubbed, touched, and loved, right? Well, not always. Yes, I appreciate the affection and support you’re sending me, but can you do it without touching me? You’ll get to hold the baby after they’re born, promise!

10. Body Insecurity

And while we’re on the topic of my body, while I’m thrilled to add this little love to my family, I’m not always thrilled about my changing body. No matter how many times you tell me I’m glowing or how cute you think my bump is, not every day is a body-positive day. So yes, please don’t tell me not to worry about how quick and easy it will be to “lose the baby weight” because even though they aren’t here yet, the thought has already crossed my mind.

While it may seem silly now, we all know these and about 12,000 other little things feel like a huge deal. No, these feelings won’t last forever but make sure that while they do, you hold space for the fact that these moments might make or break your day. But don’t worry, mama; no matter how much your world feels turned upside down now, holding your little one at the end makes it seem not so bad.

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