Childcare Solutions for the Modern Family – Podcast Ep 122


Childcare is a huge decision to make when a family has a baby. Will they utilize childcare or have a parent stay home with the baby? And if they choose to send their little one to daycare or use some form of childcare, which ones are available to them in their area? How much do they cost? There are lots of things and questions to consider. Today’s guest knows this well and wanted to create a better option for families, so she did! Britt Riley is chatting with us about childcare in the U.S. and childcare solutions for modern families. Tune in to find out what expecting and new parents need to know.

Who is Britt Riley?

Britt Riley

Britt Riley is an entrepreneur, mom of two, and the CEO and founder of The Haven Collection. Haven is the first network of fully licensed daycares in the U.S. to offer flexible childcare, unlimited workspace, and fitness to all member families. Before founding The Haven Collection, Britt was the principal of Established, LLC., her marketing consultancy organization. Britt’s inspiration for founding Haven came in between feeding her newborn and trying to catch some Zs when she started wondering how people do it all! And so, her business was born out of her own need for a better solution. Britt is the co-chair of the Founder’s Network’s Women’s Leadership Committee and has been recognized by the Harvard Business School Association of Boston. Britt resides in Portsmouth, RI, with her husband, Matt, and two young daughters, Harper and Zoe.

What Did We Discuss?

In this episode, we chat with Britt about childcare in the U.S. and childcare solutions for modern families. Here are several of the questions that we covered:

  • How did you become passionate about childcare for the whole family?
  • How did your experiences as a new mom drive your passion?
  • Please explain the different types and styles of childcare available to families in the U.S.
  • What things or questions should parents consider when choosing childcare for their little ones?
  • One of the problematic aspects of managing work and parenting is that they both take a tremendous amount of executive function, often simultaneously. How can parents ease the exhaustion of this juggle?
  • We’ve been hearing about and experiencing the childcare crisis in the U.S. Can you explain this to our listeners and your thoughts on this topic?
  • We’d love to learn more about “childcare for the whole family.” Can you elaborate on this concept for us?
  • What are the most significant benefits you see from parents with access to childcare for the whole family?

Britt’s Resources

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