Fast Foods: Top 10 Reasons Your Babies Should Not Consume Them

Fast Foods: Top 10 Reasons Your Babies Should Not Consume Them


Foods are essential for babies’ overall growth and development. However, fast foods have now become a daily routine in many homes, partly due to tight work schedules and job demands. So, rather than cook for children to eat, some parents opt for fast foods as an alternative which is not so good for children. Therefore, mummies and daddies need to take extra care at ensuring that children eat healthy at all times.Some of these fast foods include; sandwich, hamburger, sugary cereals, pizza, ice-cream, french fry, tacos, mashed potato, chicken nugget, chicken and chips, fish and chips, and the likes. These fast foods can be harmful to babies when consumed in large quantity, due to the chemicals and toxins used in producing them.

Fast foods, popularly referred to as “junk foods” are foods largely produced for commercial purposes and are usually sold at restaurants or eateries. Due to the fact that these foods are produced hurriedly and in voluminous quantities, there are a whole lot of chemicals that go into their production, which invariably make them unfit for consumption, and in cases where they are consumed regularly, can make one feel unwell.

The high demand of fast foods have led to a proliferation in its production and an increase in its popularity which makes control by the food agency somewhat difficult. Rather than consume these foods occasionally, some parents have made it a habit of regularly giving their children these foods, which in most cases, leads to harm.

Here are top reasons why parents should reduce their children’s intake of these foods;

1). Undue Weight Gain and Obesity

Too much consumption of fast foods can lead to a child gaining so much weight and in the short run, become obese which can be unhealthy for them. These foods mostly contain high calories which can lead to weight gain, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure.

2). Cardio Vascular Disease

A high cholesterol in the body system as well as high blood pressure are risk factors of cardio vascular diseases, and these can be caused through frequent intake of fast foods.

3). High Blood Pressure

Fast foods are typically heavy in sodium and this can lead  to high blood pressure. A high consumption of fast foods can lead to a child having short breaths, gasping for air which in turn gives room for high blood pressure to set in. I am sure no parent want that for any of their children, so it is important to reduce the quantity of fast foods you give to them.

4). Swelling, Bloating and Puffiness

These processed foods are usually high in sodium which when consumed in large quantities can cause swelling, bloating and puffiness. Therefore, if it is possible to avoid them, please do.

5). Insulin Resistance Condition

The hormone insulin controls the amount of sugar in the body system. However, when there is an insulin resistance, the body cells do not respond normally to insulin, and this therefore paves the way for a build-up of glucose in the body which can cause diabetes.

6). Cancer

Junk foods can lead to a higher risk of getting cancer as they contain metallic substances and chemicals.

7). Increase in Blood Sugar

Fast foods, particularly carbs can result in an increase in blood sugar in the body. This can also lead to insulin resistance.

8). Dental-related Issues

Lovers of fast foods will need frequent trips to the dentist as they usually have dental-related health issues that if not sorted out quickly, can lead to general body discomfort.

9). Skin Acne

A high intake of carbohydrates, fatty foods can lead to skin acne in babies. So, extra care should be taken to prevent a high intake of these foods that cause acne.

10). Depression

Sadly, a huge consumption of fast foods can lead to high blood pressure and other underlying health conditions that increase the risk of depression.

Mums and dads therefore need to take extra care at ensuring that their babies eat right and healthy. Not all fast foods are bad, so parents should carry out researches to find out the nutritional components of these foods before they make any purchase. Safeguarding your child begins with observing the kind of foods they consume.

Fast foods are really not ideal for babies, therefore, should be consumed on rare occasions in order to prevent health conditions in them, as well as ensure that they are healthy and well-nurtured.

Healthy feeding, healthy living!

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