Top 10 Foods Your Babies Should Never Consume and Why!

Top 10 Foods Your Babies Should Never Consume and Why!


Babies undoubtedly require so much love, care, nurture and guidance from parents. From birth to cradle, they demand so much attention, pampering and so, parents take extra care to ensure that they are given such. No aspect of a child’s development should be neglected, and there are certain aspects that are so pivotal which a negligence of such can have an adverse effect on your child; one of which is the food they consume.

Babies need healthy foods to grow healthy and strong, as well as not to fall ill. They require essential vitamins and minerals such as; iron, calcium, fibre and so much more for body building and development. Although, there is no one-way street regarding the kinds of food your babies should consume, as you can explore in this aspect; with careful observation on foods that cause allergies in them so as to discontinue such, however, there are certain foods you should generally avoid feeding your baby with as this can hamper their health.

Let’s take a cursory view at top 10 foods your babies should never consume and why;

1) Honey

This may come off surprising to some but it is true. Honey or foods containing honey residue should not be given to babies, particularly when they are below a year. Honey contains Clostridium bacteria that can result in infant botulism. Therefore, in order to prevent your baby from contracting infant botulism, it is pertinent to avoid giving him/her honey or foods that are processed with honey, particularly in his/her first year.

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2) Fruit Juice

Fruit juice contains sugary content that are unhealthy for your babies. It also adds extra calories to their systems and can result in tooth decay, diarrhea and undue weight gain. Fruit juices do not have any of the essential vitamins that are requisite for your child’s growth and development, so why feed them with such?

There are several healthy alternatives to fruit juices such as water, unsweetened milk, home-made fruit juices like a mixture of pineapple & mint, orange & lime, strawberries & lemon, blueberries & raspberries. These are lovely combinations I bet your babies would love. Also, you can try out smoothies; some awesome smoothie combinations include- Spinach & blueberries, kale & pineapple, strawberries & beets, peach & cauliflower. These can be blended with unsweetened or sweetened dairy-based milk.

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3) Cow-produced Milk

 Although milk gotten from cow is a vital nutrient, medical doctors mostly advice babies below a year old to avoid taking them as many find it difficult to digest them. Also, if your baby is over a year old and is lactose-intolerant, it is still advisable to avoid giving them such and seek your doctor’s advice in this regard.

4) Unpasteurized/Raw Foods

You should avoid giving your babies these foods as they contain bacteria that can sicknesses and diseases. Unpasteurized or raw foods are one of the top 10 foods your babies should never consume because they can be detrimental to their health.

5) Saturated Fat

Although saturated fats can be healthy for children below 2 years, however, an excess of such can increase their chances of contracting a heart disease and should therefore be avoided.

6) Sugary Foods

  Sugary foods are not healthy for your babies. Apart from the risk of them having tooth decay at an early stage in life, these foods can also lead to underlying health issues such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, there are certain infant formulas that contain sugar, so it is advisable you carefully read labels when next you go shopping for your infant food.

7) Smoked Meats

Smoked meats are one of the top 10 foods babies should avoid as they contain animal fats, sodium and certain chemicals that are unhealthy for your babies, hence, should be avoided. Babies need to grow healthy and strong and foods that will jeopardize that such as smoked meats should be avoided.

8) Certain Cheese

Doubtlessly, cheese can be good for your baby. However, did you know that there are certain cheese that are unhealthy for them and should be avoided? Well, here they are – Mould-ripened soft cheeses such as camembert or brie, ripened goats’ milk cheese and soft blue-veined cheeses like roque fort should be avoided due to the fact that these cheeses contain a large amount of bacteria one of which is listeria which can result in illnesses in your babies. Also, many cheeses are made from unpasteurized milk which are unhealthy for your babies.

9) Refined Grains

Babies should not consume refined grains as they are low in fibres and can result in high sugar levels leading to obesity. Rather, whole grains should be taken as they are a healthy choice, containing a high amount of fibres, proteins and vitamins good for your babies.

10) Junk Foods

Junk or fast foods such as hamburgers, sandwiches, sugary cereals, pizzas, ice-cream, tacos, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, French fries and the likes are part of the top 10 foods babies should not consume as they can have an adverse effect on your babies’ health as they can lead to undue weight gain, heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, insulin resistance condition and so much more. In fact, junk foods are so disadvantageous to your babies overall health and should be totally avoided. Rather, opt for home-made foods as they are healthy.

These aforementioned top 10 foods are not healthy for your babies as they pose risks to them and should therefore, be avoided!

Let’s begin to feed our babies right. Healthy Baby, Happy Family!

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