Looking for the best prenatal vitamin? 7 reasons why your search ends here


As soon as you start trying to conceive, it’s the right time to also start taking a prenatal vitamin. But, here’s the thing: There’s a big difference between the best prenatal vitamin and the rest. Although the vast majority of expectant mamas take daily prenatals, 95+% of us still have key nutrient deficiencies.

A better alternative was needed—and that’s where Needed prenatal vitamins enter the picture. By stepping up to meet your nutritional needs from preconception through parenthood years, Needed vitamins give your body the ingredients to thrive, not just skim the surface for the bare minimum.

Here are seven reasons why Needed prenatal vitamins (and more!) go above and beyond.

1. You get critical nutrients to support your baby & yourself

Unless you have a master’s degree in nutrition, the ingredients on prenatal vitamins labels can seem like gibberish—let alone trying to understand whether the dosage is right or not. Lo and behold, many prenatal vitamins on the market are low in or completely lack critical nutrients like Omega-3 DHA + EPA, certain B Vitamins, Choline and Magnesium. Not with Needed. With clinically-validated vitamins that incorporate the best of modern science and ancient traditions, the vitamins are tailored to support fertility, pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

2. Needed uses the best source for nutrients

Driven by science, Needed uses sustainably sourced vitamins and minerals that can be effectively used by the body. For example, you’ve probably heard of the importance of Folic Acid during preconception and pregnancy. However, that advice can be deceiving because an estimated 40% to 60% of mamas cannot absorb it in this form. Instead, Needed uses Folate, which has all the benefits of Folic Acid and is more effectively converted.

3. Needed leaves out unnecessary extras

Your prenatal vitamin is supposed to support your body, not leave you with unpleasant effects. By using the latest science and using third-party testing, Needed intentionally excludes potentially harmful nutrient forms, unnecessary fillers and ingredients with high heavy metal loads. Recognizing that everyone’s needs are different, they also encourage mamas to customize additional nutrients for optimized dosages.

4. You can tailor your Iron and Omega-3 pregnancy supplements

Speaking of… For some mamas, it helps to take an Iron supplement. But, for others who meet their Iron needs through diet, excess Iron through supplements can generate oxidative stress and alter the gut microbiome. (No thanks!) Needed intentionally left Iron out of prenatals and offers it as a separate product so that every mom can find what works for her. The same goes for Omega-3—and Needed even helps you test your levels at home.

5. It’s easy to stomach it—even during the first trimester

With morning sickness or reflux, taking a sizable vitamin capsule may be easier said than done. Needed gets it. That’s why they offer their 24 vitamin and mineral combo in a delicious vanilla powder, too. Stir it into a smoothie or creamy drink to get the benefits of prenatal vitamins in sippable form.

6. Needed helps you supplement your nutrition

With a holistic view of health, Needed encourages mamas to think beyond vitamins to truly support their babies and bodies—like with collagen protein. Many moms don’t meet their protein needs during or after pregnancy, which can destabilize blood sugar, cause more nausea, negatively affect gut health and more. By supplementing with Needed’s ethically sourced collagen powder, you can support your body’s protein needs.

7. Your partner can get nutritional support, too

As a hopeful, expectant or current mama, you have unique demands on your body. But, while dads have different roles, they also have new nutritional needs. Recognizing that, Needed also offers a men’s multi that supports sperm health, brain function and more.

Ready to take a closer look? These Needed products will support your pregnancy and parenthood journey.

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