Strategies for Thriving & Embracing the Journey of Motherhood with Becky Vieira – Podcast Ep 113

Strategies for Thriving & Embracing the Journey of Motherhood with Becky Vieira – Podcast Ep 113


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During pregnancy, we wait nine long months (some more, some less) to meet our precious babies. Then, once our babies enter the world, our world is truly never the same. Everything is about the baby. And everyone begins asking about the baby. Yes, the baby is extremely important, but what about the mom? Our guest today, Becky Vieira, is saying, “Enough about the baby!” She wants to bring more attention and support to new moms, and we’re chatting with her all about it.

Who is Becky Vieira, aka WittyOtter?

Becky Vieira @wittyotter

We’re excited to have Becky Vieira as our guest! Becky is the voice behind the popular Instagram mom account @WittyOtter, where she is leading the shift in how women speak about motherhood. Becky has been a go-to writer in the parenting space for more than seven years for sites like Baby Center and Scary Mommy. Before becoming a writer, she spent fifteen years as a publicist for some of the biggest public relations agencies. She represented major consumer brands, including Mattel’s Barbie®, Disney Consumer Products, and the charitable Stand Up to Cancer program. Becky now lives in Northern California with her husband and son, and we are pumped to “chick chat” with her about the first year of motherhood.

In this episode, we chat with Becky about all things motherhood, strategies for thriving, and how we can shift the traditional perspective of the first year of motherhood. Becky is hilarious and honest in sharing her struggles during her first year of motherhood. She touches on her experience with postpartum depression, the problems she faced in her marriage, and her post-baby body image. We appreciate her strength and willingness to share her own personal stories to help better prepare moms for the reality of that first year and strategies for thriving. It’s a great episode that we think every new mom should listen to.

Becky’s Resources

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