Mindfulness Activities for Kids for Back to School – Podcast Ep 116

Mindfulness Activities for Kids for Back to School – Podcast Ep 116


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Returning to school can be a lot for the whole family — not just for the kids but also for parents. You have to adapt to a new schedule; your kids get new teachers, they may have to make new friends and more. It can be a lot. And while change can be good, it can also be challenging. Our podcast guest, Kelly Smith, is an expert in her field, and she is sharing some helpful tips and mindfulness activities for kids to make the back-to-school transition better and easier for everyone.

Who is Kelly Smith?

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Kelly Smith is a globally renowned yoga and meditation teacher, founder of Yoga For You, and host of the chart-topping Mindful in Minutes podcast and its spin-off, MedKelly’s Mama. Kelly’s successful show and accessible but powerful approach to mindfulness have solidified her as a rising star in the world of yoga and meditation. In the fall of 2023, Kelly published her first book, Mindful in Minutes: Meditation for the Modern Family. Kelly wrote the book with the primary goal of helping families of all kinds learn how to use meditation to cope with the everyday struggles of being a person who is also part of a family.

What Did We Discuss?

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In this episode, Kelly talked about mindfulness for modern families and activities to help ease the back-to-school transition for kids and parents. Here are some of the questions we covered:

  • How can parents and families benefit from mindfulness and meditation?
  • Back to school can be a time of stress and worry for both parents and children. How can mindfulness help ease some of these typical troubles?
  • What is the best way to introduce meditation to children?
  • What relaxation techniques can we arm our children with as we send them back to school?
  • Some children worry more than others or may be scared or afraid to go to school. Separation anxiety could be an issue. What exercises might help ease their fears?
  • How can we teach children compassion for other kids who may be struggling?
  • How can families participate in mindfulness practices together with Kelly’sher?

Kelly’s mindfulness activities for kids and tips are great for going back to school, but I noticed that they can be used many times in our lives. There are so many benefits to practicing mindfulness and meditation. Doing these practices as a family is a wonderful way to introduce them into your kids’ lives and grow together through challenging times.

Kelly’s Resources

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